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What we kindly offer are sourcing professional manufacturers and factories, exchanging technical data and samples if necessary to make sure about the right choice for the customers, signing contracts with the manufacturing companies to clarify the quality, on time delivery, and other important terms, and finally shipping the cargo to the customers requested delivery points. Here we act as our customers’ representative to put them on the safe side. 

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We supply different types of valves, standard and customized, from well known manufacturers. Gate V...

Steel Plates

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We are the supplier of heavy steel plates and steel structures for different applications with quali...

Spherical Tanks EPC

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We have the experience of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contracts for Spherical Tank ...

Pipes & Fittings

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We supply pipes, fittings and flanges in a package from China, Europe, USA. In a package we make it ...

Metal Products

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We are the supplier of different metal products. As we are in contact with a lot of mills and factor...


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We are in contact with world famous brands and we can supply the best of the best with proven qualit...


  • ''Aopa Co. is a trading company located in Huzhou city,Zhejiang, China. With years of experience in international trade our purpose has been defined to create trust, ease, safety and pleasure in international transactions for our customer. Your satisfaction is what we want.''
    Fan Chiyi Managing Director

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About Us

In 2007 AOPA Co. was formed and started its business with foreign countries in Middle East in industrial fields. AOPA Co. with 12 experts working in the office and 5 staff for outside office tasks seeks for the best possible services as we believe our treasure is our customers. Our experience in different fields is yours. 

We are well organized and professional in what we do.